Winnie Truong


1. Pearl

2. Siren

3. Debutante

4. Left Abashed

5. Oblivion

6. Slight

7. Mature Buds

8. Girl in Between


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"Daenerys" - Illustration by samspratt

Finally finished. Had a little too much fun painting all that loose, whispy, wooshy, hair. Now right back to the art cave to continue research on a poster I’m particularly excited about.

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Sailor Avengers Assemble!

Hey guys, I don’t often reblog old art but let’s try an experiment where we reblog Sailor Avengers directly from me instead of other sources!  All my love (also feel free to delete this last sentence upon reblog if you wish.)

So I’m going to go ahead and rant about this on my personal blog.

First off let me say this, I’m very happy and excited that people responded to Sailor Avengers with such love.  It’s been posted all over the web, featured in news articles and even nearly 2 years later people are coming to me to tell me they love it or that they’re cosplaying it (which I LOVE by the way, I’ve seen so much amazing and cute cosplay thanks to Sailor Avengers.)  I’m also very fortunate that my name is attached to this, since many professional sources and just kind hearted people made sure everyone knew that “Ann Marcellino” drew this.

All that being said you still wouldn’t believe how little traffic I’ve received from Sailor Avengers, many people don’t source me, don’t link me, and the worst consequence has been the amount of people who try to all out steal and sell Sailor Avengers without my permission.

The easiest way for me to battle this is for people to know where my blogs are, to know how to contact me, my main art tumblr is here: annmarcellino.tumblr.com, my deviantart is nna.deviantart.com and you can always e-mail me at annmarcellino@gmail.com

It’s really important for people to know where I am and how to contact me, most cases of me finding out my art was stolen come from other people contacting me about it, not me finding it myself.

It can hurt an artist to see a piece gain traction on a blog other then their own.  Outside of theft, it’s also really important for artists to gain a following.  The more my following grows, the more commission offers I receive and prints I sell.  I have no problems with people reposting my art (as long as link and credit is provided) but reblogs REALLY COUNT because they bring in more followers then any other method.

This is all why I reblogged an old art piece, I really need people to reblog Sailor Avengers from me.  I really appreciate and thank anyone who does reblog the post!

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moon, mars, mercury, venus, jupiter!  

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45.5x30 in
Ballpoint pen.

Had loads of fun. Made lots of mistakes but it’s alright there’s always more drawing to be done. :D

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Disney villains genderbend first part! 

Shan-yu, Hades, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier, Captain Hook, Jafar 

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