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María Luisa Bemberg 

April 14, 1922 - May 7, 1995 

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Regarded as one of the first Latina film directors and a feminist, Maria Luisa Bemberg was born to a wealthy family in Buenos Aires.  She never received a high school diploma or college degree as she was privately tutored.  Her most well known film, Camila, brought her international recognition and an Oscar nomination for Best Foreign Film.  She wrote and directed 6 movies.  Bemberg’s main characters were always women and the plots and personalities of her leads are complex.  One of her films, Señora De Nadie, was censored by the military regime.  She was passionate about women’s issues and was one of the founders of the Feminist Union in Argentina.  

“In most films, eroticism for the most part is portrayed from a masculine viewpoint. They speak of their sexual prowess, conquests but—excuse me, I’m going to be very crude—rarely do they mention their inadequacies, problems with erections, impotence. Of that they don’t speak. On the other hand, it’s my impression that if a woman doesn’t reach marriage as a virgin, well… But now it seems to me women are beginning to speak out beyond just talking to one another. It’s very refreshing: observing events from a different angle.”


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